Everyone has the potential to change.

‘Well-being is a state of body-mind-spirit harmony, created and maintained by the self-aware, self-responsible individual through consistent acts of love for themselves, others and the world.’ 
~Paul Chek 

‘The only universal constant is change, anybody that resists change, is resisting life itself’ Want more out of your workouts? Are you tired of being sick and tired all the time? Do you think you are eating healthy and not seeing results you want? Are you in pain and can’t figure out why? Did you know that 90% of all diseases are caused by mismanagement of diet and lifestyle factors? Come to the Hangar and let me teach you how you can improve your health and well-being using a holistic approach and help you create the change that you need in your life. 

Change Your Life

Our Services

ELDOA Classes - Hangar of Healing

ELDOA™ Classes

ELDOA’s are postural loads that help to increase the space between a chosen articulation of the spine. Benefits include increased joint mechanics, increased blood flow, reduced pressure on the discs, spinal de-coaption, disc rehydration, increased muscle tone, postural awareness and more. Anyone can do ELDOA™, these are non-impact and everyone can feel the benefits.

Holistic Nutrition

Think about our ancestors: how they ate, what they ate and where the food came from….Nutrition is a vital component of being healthy and we need to learn how to eat real food again.

ELDOA Classes - Hangar of Healing

Functional Training and Therapy

Functional movement uses the Primary Movement Patterns that are: gait (walking), push, pull, bend, squat, lunge and twist. These patterns are addressed during your sessions with me and you will learn how to correctly do functional exercises for your daily lifestyle and activities.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching - Hangar of Healing

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

I will help you bring your body back to balance by addressing the 6 foundation principles: exercise, recovery, nutrition, breathing, hydration and your thoughts. These are essential to balance and living a healthy, disease free life.

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Meet Emily

I am a functional movement, holistic, real food advocate, educator,  wife, and mother of three. I want to teach as many people as I can about the mind, body, and spirit connection. I have a passion for education and teaching anyone who will listen about how they CAN change their life one step at a time.

‘Nothing  is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible’ – Audrey Hepburn

Emily Morgan M.S. ELDOA™ Trainer, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

At the Hangar you will learn (the Holistic Approach to Nutrition, Growth, Activity and Restoration) and how to heal your body from the inside out. I use a whole body approach and assess all aspects of your life to help you better your life and your health. There is no one size fits all approach and this is how I teach you. You must balance your nutrition, sleep and recovery, hydration, exercise, stress and breathing to live a balanced life and be free from pain. When clients come to see me at the Hangar, this is the approach that I use and it is personalized to fit your needs, goals and dreams.

Emily Morgan - Hangar of Healing