Offering the following services:

  • ELDOA CLASSES and PRIVATE INSTRUCTION – ELDOA’s are postural loads that help to increase the space between a chosen articulation of the spine.  Benefits include increased joint mechanics, increased blood flow, reduced pressure on the discs, spinal de-coaption, disc rehydration, increased muscle tone, postural awareness and more.  Anyone can do ELDOA, these are non-impact and everyone can feel the benefits.  Class schedule listed under events.
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching – I will  help you bring your body back to balance by addressing the 6 foundation principles: exercise, recovery, nutrition, breathing, hydration and your thoughts.  These are essential to balance and living a healthy, disease free life.
  • Holistic Nutrition and Real Food Eating – Think about our ancestors: how they ate, what they ate and where the food came from….Nutrition is a vital component of being healthy and we need to learn how to eat real food again.
  • Functional Personal Training and Movement – Functional movement uses the Primary Movement Patterns that are: gait (walking), push, pull, bend, squat, lunge and twist.  These patterns are addressed during your sessions with me and you will learn how to correctly do functional exercises for your daily lifestyle and activities.
  • Tai Chi and Stress Management – Stress management is key to balancing hormones and your body.  During our sessions, you will learn basic tai chi, which means elemental energy, and how to control the stress.  I use different techniques for each client based on the assessments.
  • Cooking classes and nutrition seminars periodically. – If you would like to host a cooking class or basic nutrition class, let me know. I will show you how easy it is to prepare and make real organic food; and you’ll see just how tasty it really can be!



Resources (click to download the .pdf’s)