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ELDOA: A 70's exercise creating space between joints

If you’re standing or sitting, your spine is compressing. For some, that can lead to debilitating pain, which often ends with prescriptions or in extreme cases, back surgery.

A local fitness trainer wanted to avoid both for herself and her clients. She found relief in a European based exercise most Americans don’t know about.

On the surface, it looks a little like a yoga class, but it’s ELDOA. Holistic lifestyle coach Emily Morgan said, “In English it translates to Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching”. [Read More]

ELDOA Classes - Hangar of Healing
ELDOA Classes - Hangar of Healing

Why You Should Incorporate ELDOA Into Your Fitness Routine

(popsugar.com article talks about the benefits of ELDOA and includes an interview with Emily Morgan).

I felt so good after taking my first ELDOA class that I immediately wanted it in my life full-time. I felt taller, like I’d been stretched out on a rack, opening up my joints and spacing out my spine.

If your looking to incorporate mobility and injury prevention into your 2018 goals, ELDOA is a great place to start. Developed by French osteopath Guy VOYER (yes, his legal name is in all caps), ELDOA is an acronym from French words, which in English translate to longitudinal osteoarticular decoaptation stretches. “Osteoarticular” means bones and joints, “decoaptation” means opening, and ELDOA is the name of both the method and the postures involved.

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